Quick and easy make up bags

Today I took a break from quilting the bedspread and/or working on at least one of the new projects I have in the pipeline – ah, the sweet art of procrastination!..

Quick projects are fun to make, and these little things are going to be very useful! 🙂


The “big sister”on the left will end up in my suitcase, it can easily contain toiletries and make up for a week or two.

It was made with a pre-quilted fabric that I bought on a whim for its really funky colours.

I’m usually not a fan of pre-quilted fabrics, but cutting and sewing the bag in less than one hour really has no price! Plus, no lining, interfacing or interlining were harmed in the making of the bag.


The little one was made with one of my favourite Ikea fabrics and a lovely japanese-inspired cotton fabric for the lining. Fusible fleece for a bit of structure, a chunky zipper and voila’, if you use a serger – as I did – the whole thing is also done in less than two hours.


I made the pull tabs with the same fabric I used for the lining:


As you can see, the brown bag is small enough to go in pretty much any “normal” handbag – and by normal I mean any handbag that can contain an umbrella, a book AND a kindle, a “just in case” cardigan/scarf/top, a small bottle of water, a granola bar, tissues, lipsticks, blusher, mascara, nail varnish, a purse, a coin purse, some random letters/bills, a phone that weighs like a kitten and all the indispensable things we girls always carry around…


All in all, not too bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon!