Friday shopping

Be it that Friday is a slow day in the office or that it’s still quite nice and mild here in London, I was getting a tad impatient to leave today so I treated myself to a bit of online shopping to help the time go by more quickly.

I bought this book, 1950s Fashion Prints  by Marnie Fogg.

1950s-Fashion-Print Layout 1

I love the pictures and when I see prints like these I can’t wait to start a new project – with paper and crayons if not with fabric yet..


There is a very modern feeling to these prints, and something “scandinavian” and neat that makes my artistic juices flow.Layout 1

The book should be dispatched in a week or so, I’ll post more about it when I get it.

For now, I’m putting rollers in my hair and tying a bow in my frilly apron, Betty Draper watch and learn!