Urban inspiration (….aaaaaaaaaand we’re back)

For a short time – during my teenage years – I had a video-game addiction.  Tetris was my game of choice (we’re talking early 90’s here..) and I would spend hours on my brother’s computer, playing till my eyes were sore and I was too jittery to sit down any longer. Simple chores like putting away the laudry or washing the dishes would trigger a “Tetris view” and the forks would look as if they had started rotating to fit the gap left between two spoons.  A fascinating adventure into the human brain and its visualising powers, if you ask me. A worryingly fine line between teenager idiocy and real mental health issues, if you ask my parents. But I digress.

Making quilts, just like a lot of other good things in life, like singing, dancing, working out, cooking and painting,  gets easier (and possibly better) with practice. Also, like in my anthropological Tetris experiment (sic), the more I create quilts the more I “see in quilts”.

Here below are a few examples of things that triggered a Tetris-Quilt reaction…(to the point that I even took pictures… how committed of me, right??)

Sometimes it’s the colours (clearly in my Lilac/Green Period as you can see..)


(flower arrangement, Marriot Hotel Cardiff)



(Tea room at the Soho Hotel, London)

sometimes it’s the modern feel, the geometry, the use of space and shapes


(leisure centre, Southwark)


 (block of flats, Berlin)

here, my attention was caught by the second building from the right – such a modern, ready-to-cut quilt with a bit of a Jacquie Gering feeling to it…I immediately started listing the fabric requirements in my head!

foto 3

(view from the Tate Gallery, London – very small picture taken from a freezing crowded terrace.. hail to the heroic photographer-who obviously wasn’t me!)

or the atmosphere…


(fog in Canary Wharf, London)


(sunny winter day in Cagliari, Italy)

I live in a big city and nature is not exactly predominant here, but who said urban landscapes and city-life situations can’t be inspiring?




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