Better late than never…the Knitting and Stitching Show

I know we’re already thinking of next year but I’ve been very busy and hadn’t had the time to retrieve the pictures yet… (and by now I think it’s pretty clear that my relationship with photography is a love-hate one..)

As every autumn, once again this year Twisted Thread gave us the Knitting and Stitching show. Ally Pally is beautiful and spacious  and the organisation is more  flawless every year. This edition saw the introduction of the late opening. Be it because not too many people knew about it or because most of the ladies  didn’t want to wait until the afternoon to start shopping 🙂 but when I got there around 3 pm the Great Hall was virtually empty…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am as happy as the next quilter every time I’m given the chance to spend a fortune on fabric and a less than crowded market means one doesn’t have to fight over a fat quarter, but I must say I missed the buzz and the occasional chat over a new collection or a pretty pattern 🙂


The number of exhibitors was impressive as expected, “usual suspects” and new shops creating an interesting mix of styles and products.

Cheerful bunting by the Eternal Maker stall


And check this one out for colours!


This is Odile Bailloeul’s stall, what a lovely display! It was a pity I couldn’t take a full picture of her, her clothes and jewellery were also really cool!


Another nice surprise was Little Laura’s Haberdashery, the guys are absolutely lovely and their felt selection is impressive – not to mention very reasonably priced! The picture was taken for a friend who needed to buy some felt, so not very representative of their pretty display, sorry!


The pit-stop at Mr Rosenberg’s family-run stall was lovely as usual, and after much choosing and chatting my purse was remarkably lighter and my bags remarkably heavier….erm..

This is one of the jerseys I bought, I’m going to make myself a pretty drapey cardi using the  pattern  from Wendy Ward’s MIY collection 🙂 (pictures from the web, the actual fabric is in my washing machine being prepared prior to cutting..)

r0015173 r0015179(1)

If you live in London, the Rosemberg’s shop in Wansted, Stitch, is worth a visit  (here’s their website)

The icing on the (already scrumptious) cake was this exhibition I only noticed on my way out, when no life was left in my debit card and my feet were begging for mercy..



The pictures don’t give this AMAZING quilt enough justice, the whole thing was just jaw-droppingly beautiful, take a look at the stunning stitchwork


That’s all for this year, I promise I’ll be less clumsy with my camera by the next big event 😉


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